Exhibition Reviews

Regarding the Images of Others, Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, Summer 2015

National Works: Kuwait’s Debut at the Venice Biennale Jadaliyya, August 12, 2013

Precarious Symbolism: When the Political Sphere Overshadows Art History  Art Journal, vol. 72, no. 1, Spring 2013


Etel Adnan at the Base of the Mountain Jadaliyya, November 30, 2012

Shadow Sites: Recent Work by Jananne Al-Ani Jadaliyya, September 30, 2012

Fouad Elkoury: Be…longing Al Majalla, September 30, 2011

Structures within an Intervention ARTETC magazine v. 2 no. 2, 2010


Sedition ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Mar/Apr, 2009

Ardeshir Mohasses: Art and Satire in Iran ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Sept/Oct, 2008

Sultana’s Dream ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Nov/Dec, 2007

Languages of the Desert ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Mar/Apr, 2007

Word Into Art ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Mar/Apr, 2007