News Coverage

Amal Kenawy (1974-2012), Jadaliyya, September 3, 2012

Under the Voices of Fire: Artists in Gaza, Monthly Review,  January 12, 2009

Beirut Art Center Jumpstarts Lebanese Art Scene, ArtAsiaPacific, Mar/Apr, 2009

Baghdad Artists Exhibit Works Made During Wartime, ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Nov/Dec, 2008

Waqif Art Center Invigorates Qatari Art Scene, ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Sept/Oct, 2008

Beirut’s Long-Awaited Home Works IV, ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Jul/Aug, 2008

Political Video Installation By Iraqi Artist Censored, ArtAsiaPacific magazine, May/Jun, 2008]

Touring Festival Provides Meeting Point For West Asian Artists, ArtAsiaPacific, Mar/Apr, 2008

Public Outcry Sways Lebanon Censors, ArtAsiaPacific, Nov/Dec, 2007

Beirut Art Space Espace SD Closes, ArtAsiaPacific, Sept/Oct, 2007

Mai Ghoussoub (1953-2007), ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Jul/Aug, 2007

52nd Venice Biennale: Lebanon Pavilion, ArtAsiaPacific magazine, May/Jun, 2007

Lebanon Art Scenes Weathers War, ArtAsiaPacific magazine, Winter Issue, 2007

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