Books and Catalogs

6,000 Years, Testing the Canon of Ancient Near Eastern Art, eds. Amy Gansell and Ann Shafer, Oxford University Press, 2019

Frank Diaz Escalet: Paintings and Leatherworks, Portnoy Gallery, Carmel, California 2018

Desert Life (and Death) in Sama Alshaibi’s Silsila, Suspended Territories, MARTa Herford, Germany: 2017

A Brief Overview of Samia Halaby’s Painting, Birzeit University Museum, Palestine: 2017

Mouteea Murad and the Vocabulary of Geometric Abstraction, Mouteea Murad, Ayyam Publishing, Dubai: 2016

Introduction, Moving from Zero: The Art of Brenda Louie (2016), China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, P.R. China, 2016

Sylvia Fein; Leah Rinne Hamilton, Emerging from the Shadows: Vol II: A Survey of Women Artists Working in California (1860-1960), ed. Maurine St. Gaudens, Schiffer publishing, 2015

The Monumentality of Ahmed al Bahrani’s Self-Portraits, Ahmed al Bahrani: Biography, Art Space Hamra, Beirut: 2015

Escaping Signs, Nihad Al Turk: Drawings on Paper, Ayyam Publishing, Dubai: 2015

On the Path to Al Sadu, Sami Mohammad, CAP Kuwait: 2015

Introduction, Rashed Alshashai: Section 11, Hafez Gallery, Jeddah: 2015

Khalvat: Towards Meaning, Sahand Hesamiyan, The Third Line gallery, Dubai: 2014

Kareem Risan: Archetypes, Kareem Risan: Steps in Migration, Meem gallery, Dubai: 2014

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Khaled Takreti: Modern Life,  Takreti, Ayyam Publishing, Dubai: 2014

A Creative Upsurge, Syrian Art Today,  Syria’s Apex Generation, Ayyam Publishing, Dubai: 2014

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Safwan Dahoul: Summoning the Subconscious, Ayyam Publishing, Damascus: 2009

Zena el-Khalil: Militiamen, Saints, Martyrs and Pop Stars, Flawless Gallery, London: 2008

A New Country, db Foundation, New York: 2008

The Unearthing of Secrets, 6 + Artists Collective: 2007 with an introduction by Lucy Lippard

Contemporary Arab Art in Context, The Bridge Gallery, New York: 2006