Books and Catalogs

Instructions Within: Art as Liberation Praxis in the Arab World, Routledge Companion to Art and Activism in the Twenty-First Century, eds. Mey-Yen Moriuchi and Lesley Shipley, 2023.

Dia Azzawi; Faiq Hassan, Daoud Corm; Hafidh al-Droubi; Jewad Salim; Shakir Hassan al-Said; Sliman Mansour; Omar Onsi; Saloua Raouda Choukair, Enciclopedia dell’Arte contemporanea, ed. Vincenzo Trione, Treccani Arte, 2021

6,000 Years, Testing the Canon of Ancient Near Eastern Art, eds. Amy Gansell and Ann Shafer, Oxford University Press, 2020

Book Arts as Forms of Differential Consciousness, Poetry is Not a Luxury, exhibition catalogue, Center for Book Arts, 2019.

Desert Life (and Death) in Sama Alshaibi’s Silsila, Suspended Territories, MARTa Herford, 2017

A Brief Overview of Samia Halaby’s Painting, Birzeit University Museum, 2017

Mouteea Murad and the Vocabulary of Geometric Abstraction, Mouteea Murad, Ayyam Publishing, 2016

Introduction, Moving from Zero: The Art of Brenda Louie (2016), China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, P.R. China, 2016

Sylvia Fein; Leah Rinne Hamilton, Emerging from the Shadows: Vol II: A Survey of Women Artists Working in California (1860-1960), ed. Maurine St. Gaudens, Schiffer publishing, 2015

The Monumentality of Ahmed al Bahrani’s Self-Portraits, Ahmed al Bahrani: Biography, Art Space Hamra, 2015

Escaping Signs, Nihad Al Turk: Drawings on Paper, Ayyam Publishing, 2015

On the Path to Al Sadu, Sami Mohammad, CAP Kuwait, 2015

Introduction, Rashed Alshashai: Section 11, Hafez Gallery, 2015

Khalvat: Towards Meaning, Sahand Hesamiyan, The Third Line gallery, 2014

Kareem Risan: Archetypes, Kareem Risan: Steps in Migration, Meem gallery, 2014

Thaier Helal: An Idea of Man and the Cosmos, Thaier Helal, Ayyam Publishing, 2014

Khaled Takreti: Modern Life,  Takreti, Ayyam Publishing,  2014

A Creative Upsurge, Syrian Art Today,  Syria’s Apex Generation, Ayyam Publishing, Dubai: 2014

New Media and the Spectacle of the War on Terror,  Uncommon Grounds: New Media and Critical Practices in North Africa and the Middle East, ed. Anthony Downey, I.B. Tauris/Ibraaz Publishing, July 2014

Samia Halaby: Fifty Years of Painting and Innovation,  Booth-Clibborn Editions, London: 2014

Safwan Dahoul: Summoning the Subconscious, Ayyam Publishing, Damascus: 2009

Zena el-Khalil: Militiamen, Saints, Martyrs and Pop Stars, Flawless Gallery, 2008

A New Country, db Foundation,  2008

The Unearthing of Secrets, (with an introduction by Lucy Lippard), 6 + Artists Collective, 2007

Contemporary Arab Art in Context, The Bridge Gallery, 2006

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